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Summing up

A call girl is called only to satisfy one’s sexual desires or needs. On the other hand, an escort girl is the one who provide a variety of entertainment services to her client. An escort girl gets paid for having a glamorous and sexy appearance and to accompany clients to different places. Whereas the call girls only get paid for sexual relations, and they are not asked to take their clients to different locations. Call girls engage in different sexual actions to get paid and therefore they are not considered to be legal. An escort girl is like a girl friend, and the money is spent for the company and not for the physical contact though it takes place and therefore it is permissible. The person who looks for a call girl doesn’t have any option for choosing a girl. However, when contacting an escort agency, you hire an escort girl according to your taste. Escort girls are extremely sophisticated and can be appointed by booking at any of the reputed escort company. A call girl can be hired from some brothel or streets.